Strawberry Jam, Simple but Awesome Recipe

2016 strawberry season!


Pints of Strawberry Jam Pints of Strawberry Jam

2016 update: local crop is in and looks great…won’t be around much longer, though, so I went to a local farm and picked up 2 baskets (gallon size) for $14.oo each. I have made two batches of strawberry jam today and find that I can make 2 batches from one basket. Bumping this post for seasonal reasons…get some fresh strawberries!

In 2012, my older daughter got married. As a small token to our wedding guests, I made a 4 0z  jar of  homemade strawberry jam with a little fabric cover and a label with the wedding date, the bride and groom’s names and the message “Spread the Love”. Oh, and I made two hundred and twenty-five of them!

Wedding favors. Wedding favors.

I had help picking some of the strawberries and a little help with the jam process from my younger daughter, but I did make several backache…

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