Sauerkraut, Batch #2

Ready to fill jars with kraut.

Ready to fill jars with kraut.

Sauerkraut, batch #2 is ready to eat! First, I’m providing a link to my original sauerkraut post, in case you are interested in the recipe/process:


The end of the post in this link also includes the beginning of the current batch of sauerkraut. There’s also a link for the end of the first batch and how I prepared a dish utilizing it:


As I noted in the previous post, when I began the current batch, this batch was sliced thinner. It looks really good and is just a few days short of processing for 2 months. I try to make sure that I have enough jars ready ahead of time. I washed and sanitized four 1 qt jars and only needed 3. I also sanitized clean tongs, funnel, lids and rings.


I packed the jars a little less than full and topped off with remaining juices. Lids were put in place and screwed down finger-tight. Jars went into the back of the refrigerator and will last almost indefinitely. Ready for some keilbasa!!!


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