Oak Island, NC: Restaurant Recommendation

It’s off-season at the beach in North Carolina right now. A lot of places are closed. Many more are closed after 2:00 pm on a Tuesday. Of the one’s that are open, you are likely to get pretty bad food, by that time. That was my experience at a place a couple of days ago. Today, however, I found a gem: Shagger Jack’s on Oak Island! Their website is here: http://shaggerjacksoki.com/ .

I went in with a crowd of 13, including 6 kids. We were welcomed and I believe it was the owner that waited on us, along with maybe his wife? They were friendly and accommodating. There was a nice selection of food…appetizers, salads, entrees, seafood, burgers, interesting tacos, etc. and some specials.

Specials at Shagger Jack's.

Specials at Shagger Jack’s.

They have a good relationship with the local fishmonger and the seafood was very good! The prices are very reasonable for what you get…a good value.

I ordered the fishmonger soup, a special, with proceeds donated to the local fishmonger’s medical fund. (I didn’t ask the medical condition, but it seems like worthy cause. It also confirms the relationship between the fishmonger and the restaurant and gave me confidence that the seafood would be fresh.)

Fishmonger Chowder.

Fishmonger Soup.

I also had the fried oysters appetizer basket (the place that was not good needs to take a lesson from these guys on how big an oyster should be served and how hot it should be!) served with cole slaw.

Oyster Appetizer, Big, hot, juicy oysters...competitors take note.

Oyster Appetizer, Big, hot, juicy oysters…competitors take note.

I was not disappointed and nobody in our group had a single problem.

I highly recommend Shagger Jack’s, if you are in the area of Oak Island in the future. I would say it’s worth a trip, even you have to go out of your way! Thumbs up, Shagger Jack!


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